Whip it real good.

Ah, the word “whip” so many meanings, so much intent, at least if you have your mind in the gutter!

Google assumes that my primary interest is in an obscure baseball “sabermetric statistic” (which isn’t even a word according to my spellcheck.

What’s more, Wikipedia (the #1 result) even has an intelligent-looking equation that explains everything about WHIPping your baseball stats. ‘triffic!

That being NOT my intent at all, Google serves up another couple of Wikipedia results telling of a whip “a tool traditionally used by humans to exert control over animals or other people” and whip “an official in a political party whose primary purpose is to ensure party discipline” – not really much difference.

My favorites of not too many inspiring favorites in the SERP are from The RuneScape Wiki – “see lucky abyssal whip” NOTE TO SELF – avoid the “unlucky abyssal whip” if you want to live a fruitful and productive life… and the little snippet from WHIP Student Radio. whip. Click the Logo to Continue… “please sir… can I have another?”

Finally.. if you’ve read this far…

IF you want to learn how to crack a whip (you’d probably be smart enough to search for “whip cracking” but I digress) – David Morgan offers insight into the Art of Whip Cracking – and a number of books – at his website DavidMorgan.com – and David, please send my share of your affiliate profits to my home address. You’ll know it.

The sound of whip cracking is easily heard through the thin curtains.