Eww Grotty to the Max Gross!

Lucky I’m an Englishman living in the US or else the primary result for “Gross” would be a complete mystery… Gross = 144 what?

(harks back to the imperial system (British not Federation) of 12 units, 12 x 12 = 144)

Dictionary.com is the first ‘real’ organic result with internal sitelinks showing their thoughts

“Gross income” – worth it’s weight in gold, but you would have thought that a search for “gross” would have less financial intent

“Gross so out” – I’ve never heard anyone in the Valley say it this way.. “Gross *me* out” maybe…

“Gross ton” / “Gross tonnage” – there’s a lot of weight to this result 🙂

Seems overall Google believes people don’t know what gross means and so serves up definitions / dictionaries / resources as the first 6 results.

> continued

Google SERP for "Gross"

It’s only result 7 where things get interesting… “Gross *pictures*” – yuck

Interesting inclusion of a Twitter hashtag in position 8 and to round off the top 9 positions (I was lazy to capture #10) – poor Alan Gross, he only makes the bottom part of the SERP *AND* gets to spend 5 years in a Cuban prison. Lack of search visibility and plantains really make a bad day.